""Poets often describe love as as an emotion that we can't control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. That is what it was like for me. I didn't plan on falling in love with you..." The Notebook-Nicholas Spark

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by Dave Kartzman
Let me be a bookmark in your life;
Crafted with our love
And the coloured inks
of our words;
A weathered parchment
of my soul
Upon your memory.

As you walk through life,
Other chapters will be scripted.
you will reflect,
Tabbing back to the bookmark we built,
Remembering . . .

Someone who wish to be none other than herself. Loves books, poetry and musics. Writing from the heart, eyes and ear.

I love poetry but i can't really write. I paintings but i cannot draw. I love music but i am a lousy singer.

Smile and laugh a lot. A happy go lucky person yet sensitive.

I will bring you in my journey to the unknown destination. You might like it and you may not...but whadda heck it's my life.

My Motto
To accomplish great things,
we must not only act,
but also dream;
not only plan,
but also believe

My Poetry Page
monolog 1
love unexpressed
bicara hati
epilog rindu
mampukah aku


Ya Allah
temuikanlah diri ini dengan kegembiraan
hilangkanlah kesedihan hatiku ini
bila teringat akan dia
ku mohon Ya Allah,
kekuatan jiwa dan semangat
dalam menghadapi dugaanMu.

Aku tahu Ya Allah
setiap pilihan yang ku buat
akan mengubah corak
perjalanan hidupku.
Ya Allah, aku mohon
agar apa yang aku lakukan ini
tidak akan menghilangkan
kasih dan sayangku pada dia.
Dan tidak juga akan mengurangkan
kasih dan sayangnya padaku.
Satukanlah hati kami dalam cahayaMu,
dalam keredhaanMu
dan jua dalam kasih sayangMu.
Berilah aku kekuatan dan ketabahan
untuk menghadapi seketika detik
hidupku tanpa dia disisi sehingga
aku bersedia untuk kembali

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    Monday, November 03, 2014

    Reminiscing old memories here

    Posted at 06:09 pm by walkthrulife
    Walk This Way  

    Friday, September 08, 2006
    New Home

    my blog now has a new home.  

    Posted at 05:44 am by walkthrulife
    (1) Passerby  

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006
    lupakan persahabatan

    aku perlu bersabar dan perlu mengakui hakikat yang dia bukan lagi dia yang dulu. sebaiknya aku bertindak seperti cekya dan juga seperti rakan i_mshe. semudah itukah? jika itu yang terbaik untukku harus ku teruskan jua. persetankan persahabatan jika ia hanya mampu melukakan hati.

    aku ada kalian semua..yang mampu membuatku tersenyum di kala duka. sudah cukup untukku.
    HAM-BURGER - Slank
    Sahabat datang dan pergi, kadang mengkhianati
    Begitu pun rasa cinta, kadang mengecewakan
    Kita punya harga diri, kadang terpendam di hati
    Kita punya hati nurani, kadang tertimbun mati!!!

    Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa
    Ya kupaksa untuk tetap tertawa!!!
    Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis
    Ya kucoba untuk terus bernyanyi!!!

    Walau kau ikat tanganku, walau kau bungkam mulutku
    Walau kau jegal langkahku, percuma!!!
    Walau kau tutup mataku, walau kau kurung tubuhku
    Tapi semua mimpi-mimpiku kan tetap ada!!!

    Kita coba betulkan jalan kita bersama
    Coba kita mencari jalan keluar
    Jangan kau tunggu orang lain, jangan biarkan bangsa lain
    Mencoba menekan hidup kita, bikin malu saja!!!

    Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa
    Ya kupaksa untuk tetap tertawa!!!
    Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis
    Ya kucoba untuk terus bernyanyi!!!

    Banyak orang curiga, ku bicara nggak ada yang percaya
    Banyak orang menuduh bahkan anggapku gila!!!
    Ku tertawa lebih keras, ku bernyanyi lebih lantang
    Karena semua langkah dan mimpiku kan semakin gila!!!

    Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa...
    Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis...
    Ku tertawa walau hati kecewa
    Ya kupaksa untuk tetap tertawa!!!

    Ku bernyanyi walau hati menangis
    Ya kucoba untuk terus bernyanyi!!!

    Posted at 02:09 pm by walkthrulife
    (4) Passerby  

    Monday, September 04, 2006
    back in kl

    Happy Birthday Cekmi
    Thanks for the giving me the opportunity to be one of the crew. Because of that i got to know the blogsahabats that have  such a wonderful people to me and has helped me a lot in my journey..that includes u too.

    Guys..will tell you abt the trip in my next posting. Just reached home and visit all my blogsahabats' blog. Miss you guys.

    Posted at 12:25 am by walkthrulife
    (1) Passerby  

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006

    Lun - Happy Belated Birthday, Cekmi - Happy Birthday In Advance

    last friday there was a karaoke session. he told almost everyone about it excluding me. he invited other people to join him but did not say a word to me about it. does it wrong to be courteous? whether i am going or not it is a different issue altogether. And today, he asked my colleagues if they to follow him to PBD during lunch. he even asked Awin (are we still best friend? she-sure-don't-act-like-one) whom he rarely talked to until recently but did not say a word to me. His actions really hurt my feelings and made me cried. am i being too emotional?  maybe because i don't make such a hoo-haa, so he can just say or do what he likes. Cekya said that i should forget about the friendship. Kind of hard to do when you have been friends for over 10 years. What should i do? Shall i take it easy, go with the flow and let him do what he feels is rite or shall i go my own way as what Cekya said? am confused. am thankful i have my blogsahabats..really am. you are the bestest friend.

    on a brighter note, am going to fly off to KK tomorrow. We are having the company outing in Karambunai. i'll take photos for you guys. Jgn jelaous okay.

    Posted at 02:29 pm by walkthrulife
    (1) Passerby  

    Friday, August 25, 2006
    Pluto is no longer a planet...

    What??? Yes...scientists from the International Astronomical Union (IAU) meeting in Prague has came to a decision that Pluto is a dwarf planet and was stripped of its status as a planet on Thursday.

    Read here


    Posted at 04:48 pm by walkthrulife
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    Thursday, August 24, 2006
    the meet-up part 2

    me and i_mshe went for lunch at sushi king last tuesday. tell you..we ate until our stomach begged us to stop. still craving for sushi. yummy. Next destination, Petaling Street. I_mshe was happy to get the things she wanted for a cheaper price.

    Event : Dinner
    Venue  : Foodcourt, KLCC
    Attendance : Myself, Cekmi, Awan, Cekya, I_mshe, Tatot, Azell
    Absentees : Emmy, Zuhri, Lun, Ligo

    Cekmi was first to arrive..at 6pm. earlier than the organizer. waiting for Cekmi at the long table in front of the escalator. Purposely picked that spot so that it can accomodate all. While was talking to Cekmi, a guy came towards us. Yes..the one and only Rulan Awan. Later we were joined by Cekya and followed by Azell, I_mshe and Tatot.

    It was great to be able to meet with blogsahabat..for the first time and also for 2-3 times. always an event for me to look forward to. also a great joy for me to see all my blogsahabat having good time chit-chatting and teasing each other. more of this in the future, insya'allah. Hope future gathering will be attended by all.

    Hope for the first timer tu tak serik nak jumpa we all lagi especially with biribiriberbulubiru and walaubagaimanapun.

    i had a good time that day.

    P/S : feels like backing out from my mission. like one-sided aje.

    Posted at 06:29 pm by walkthrulife
    (7) Passerby  

    Monday, August 21, 2006
    the meet-up

    am leave today..not because of Datuk K and Siti off course. I know Lun, Lovey and Ligo are on leave too to watch the live telecast...minat banget ya?

    am on leave because i_mshe is here. yes i_mshe is here in KL. met here at berjaya east wing lobby and hugged each other. it was great to meet her again. we went to Dome for a drink. They are having Battle of the Bands outside the complex and the music was loud. later cekya and zuhrie joined us. i met zuhrie for the 1st time. They just reached KL from a weeding photoshot in Muar and Bahau. Looks like Redmedia is doing good.  it was fun as i_mshe got the can to meet cekya and zuhrie. 45 minutes after that we were joined by Cekmi. Cekya told I_mshe about the biribiriberbulubiru and walaubagaimanapun stories (kena bayar royalti kat tatot). Tatot and emmy were not in town yesterday and can't joint us. In my heart i wish that the rest of blogsahabat were there with us. perhaps in the future. J and Umar came down and met us at Dome. Umar was shy at first. Love his picture being taken..by our talented photographer, Cekya. few minutes past 9pm, we adjourned ourselves from Dome. I_mshe and her family, cekmi and myself headed to 10th floor for dinner but unfortunately most of the foodstalls were closed except for an italian foodstall who took us as their last customer.

    Going to meet i_mshe and will tell you about it in the next posting.

    Posted at 09:49 am by walkthrulife
    (2) Passerby  

    Thursday, August 17, 2006

    you want something but don't know if it will ever come true or it is just another dream...which will never be a reality. sigh...

    Posted at 06:07 pm by walkthrulife
    (2) Passerby  

    Monday, August 14, 2006
    pack schedule part 2


    thursday...woke up at 5.20am. need to be at the hotel early and set the LCD projector. brought my notebook along and thot of doing my assignment there...but because i got lots of thing at the back of my mind it is kind hard to focus on the assignment. at the same time was busy calling the webhosting company for our portal presentation...need to rent a webspace. am still worried about my exam coz i know i will not have enough time to study. at 6.30pm we took the overseas delegates to Saloma Bistro for a cultural show. It was great and they enjoyed themselves that nite. We called it a day around 10.30pm. felt so sleepy driving home and luckily i did not fall asleep while driving.

    friday...today is the last day of the training session but not the programme as tomorrow we will head for Genting. After packing all our things, i headed to the office. Ouch..another headache. i got to get my quarterly bordereau done on asap as the brokers will be seeing us on monday. Furthermore my CEO will be not be in the office tuesday onwards. went back around 8pm. reached home feeling tired and sleepy. uploaded html files using ftp to the website. having trouble few times as the pictures did not appear. try few times and at last managed to upload it without having to amend the script. another night without studying.

    saturday..went to genting. the weather was okay. tried the flying coaster. felt like all my was blood drained out. we made a mistake by spending lots of time at the restaurant and did not manage to try lots of things. amar, sithu and isuri tried the space shot. it was a long queue. i did not dare to try. they said it will be their first and last. at 5pm we headed back to the hotel. we said words of goodbye. It was a wonderful 5 days...i got new friends added to my list. hope that had enjoyed their stay as well do come back again. reached home at 8pm. did some revision but too sleepy to continue. asked my classmate zam to wake  me up at  11.30pm. she did but i am too sleepy to wake up.

    woke at 5.30am and did some studying. seat for the exam. the question was not that difficult but because i did not do my revision, i can't answer some of the question. i know i have read it but just can't seems to remember. so i just answered what i know. now i can only hope. Portal presention was after the exam. it was a relief to finish the exam and the presentation..for a while before Aya told me that we will be having our OPM exam next week together with the submission of group assignment. sigh..

    now the best part. went to see the most talked about
    'PGL The Musical' at Istana Budaya. Amar, Idora, Khaled and me. One  Libyan guy was supposed to join us but  can't make it the last minute as he has to take flight home. PGL was superb...beyond words. The ending was kinda sad. got tears in my eyes but denied it when Khaled asked me if i cried. Hihihi. The backdrops simply amazing. if i got the chance i want to watch it again. and one happy thing, i met an old friend of mine, Ida Mariana. haven't seen her for more that 10 years. She is one of the cast member..played a role of Bayan, Gusti Puteri's nanny. Love all the songs. bought PGL The Musical Original Live Cast Recording Cd. For my Singaporean friends..i heard PGL is coming over there. Should take the chance to see it. Worth every dime. After the play, we went to KL Tower and Secret Recipes for dinner. Khaled will be flying of to Bahrain next day. Someone knocked the back of my car..suffered a minor damaged at the bumper and boot. i slowed down because the car suddenly changed lane to my front. like in 2-3 minutes..BAAM. the guy hit my car. damn.

    Monday...managed to get my reports done. Khaled dropped by the office before heading to KLIA. We bid goodbye. hope he enjoyed his stays here. Went out for lunch a Chilli's Bangsar. thot of i_mshe and emmy.

    On sad note ~ i will not be going to London. Somehow my CEO retract his approval after the Finance VP manage to convince him. My boss conveyed the news to me and said i know you are dissappointed and bla bla bla. i don't blame him tho,  he has tried his level best. he said perhaps next year.

    Posted at 06:40 pm by walkthrulife
    (1) Passerby  

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    I love thee to the level of every day's
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    I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
    I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
    I love with a passion put to use
    In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
    I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
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